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یکشنبه 23 خرداد‌ماه سال 1389

Is There Any Truth in Beauty?



 Is there any truth in Beauty?
What of the lies beauty tells thee?

Could my beauty not be as worthy
As I make thy Beauty part of me?

Such is Beauty as to make one's sight loud.
This beauty that veils our sense in a shroud.

beauty: that which deters seeing the person.
Does Beauty not conceal what is and isn't?

Yet merciless time holds beauty as a hostage,
Defiles Beauty and scars it with lasting ravage.

Thus the years that pass send Beauty to its resting-place
For vain beauty will yield, to woefully fall from grace.

If beauty should ever lament on age's cruelty,
Let not Beauty forget how little it has wept for me.